AJPW 5-16-2010
Front Office

AJPW 5-16-2010 (TAPED ON 5-14-2010)

Live from Korakuen Hall in Bunkyo, Tokyo, Japan which holds 2,005 seats and is sold out. The Ring Announcer for the evening is Eiiji Namura, while Kishin Kawabata and Shinji Ogata give the commentary. Also for Ring Side Interviews will be Shinji Ogata. Until a Commissioner is announced Hiroshi Hase, Vice President of All Japan will be running the show tonight.

Dark Match

Scott Hall and Sean Waltman defeated Chris Sabin and ALex Shelley after Hall used Brass Knuckles to win!

Hiroshi Hase came out at the beginning of the show and announced that tonight would being the tournament for the NWA/AJPW Triple Crown. He said it was to feature 16 Wrestlers World Wide!

WWA/AJPW Triple Crown Tournament Round 1

1. Jonathan Stewart defeated Akira Taue

2. Kensuke Sasaki defeated Scott Norton. Following the Match Matt Morgan attacked Scott Norton and challenged him to a match at the next All Japan Show.

3. Kenta Kobashi defeated Shuji Kondo

4. Johnny “The Tank” Woods defeated Karl Anderson

5. Jun Akiyama defeated Masanobu Fuchi

6. Naoya Ogawa defeated Keith Walker

7. “The Shooter’ Brent Albright defeated KENTA

8. Go Shiozaki defeated Bison Smith

9. Non Title Match. Big Van Vader (NWA All Asian Tag Team Champion) defeated “Bad Attitude” Brandon Myers w/ Harley Race after Keiji Mutoh came out and hit Race with a clothesline then got up on the apron as Myers got into his face Mutoh then sprayed a green mist into Myers face to blur his vision. Vader then hit the “Vader Bomb” onto the World Champion for the victory. Vader and Mutoh Celebrated and the crowd as happy. However Waltman and Scott Hall would come to the entry way and yelled at Vader pointing at their waists!!!

Main Event Match

For the NWA World Junior Heavyweight Championship

Tiger Mask IV Vs. Chris Hero (ROH World Tag Team Champion)

These two put on an excellent respectable match up. Chris Hero pulled out a lot of good moves like the Indian death lock piledriver, the Johnny Saint Special, a jumping senton, a moonsault, Cravate suplex, a german suplex, and even a Hammerlock. Tiger Mask IV used a lot of great moves as well like the crossface chicken wing, double underhook suplex, a high angle, german suplex, a kneeling belly to belly pile driver, a rolling sole kick, a shoot kick, tiger feint, and a tiger wall flip. He then used a rear naked choke and eventually let go and set up a Destroy Suplex for the pin fall. Following the match Hero sold his pain well as the two got a standing applause and would shake each others hands.

Winner : Tiger Mask IV

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