AJPW 7-4-2010
Front Office

Live from Korakuen Hall in Bunkyo, Tokyo, Japan which holds 2,005 seats and is sold out. The Ring Announcer for the evening is Eiiji Namura, while Kishin Kawabata and Shinji Ogata give the commentary. Also for Ring Side Interviews will be Shinji Ogata. Until a Commissioner is announced Hiroshi Hase, Vice President of All Japan will be running the show tonight.

Dark Match

Scott Hall and Sean Waltman defeated Pain and Torture

There is a review of the Dome Show and Battle of the Busch.

1. Kiysohi defeted B X B Hulk.

2. Shuji Kondo defeated Shingo Takagi.

3. Jun Akiyama defeated

4. Kenta Kobashi defeated Karl Anderson.

5. Naoya Ogawa defeated Bison Smith.

6. Non-Title Match. ROH World Tag Team Champion, Chris Hero defeated Tiger Mask IV (Current NWA World Junior Heavyweight Champion). Hero told Tiger Mask he wanted one more shot at the title. Hero said if he lost he would leave Japan forever.

7. NWA/AJPW Triple Crown. Go Shiozaki defeated Johnny “The Tank” Woods in a rematch after using the “Go Flasher”.

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