AJPW 4-4-2010
Front Office

Live from Korakuen Hall in Bunkyo, Tokyo, Japan which holds 2,005 seats and is sold out. The Ring Announcer for the evening is Eiiji Namura, while Kishin Kawabata and Shinji Ogata give the commentary. Also for Ring Side Interviews will be Shinji Ogata. Until a Commissioner is announced Hiroshi Hase, Vice President of All Japan will be running the show tonight.

The crowd would be ready for some good competition tonight as Hiroshi Hase made his way out to the ring. Hase went onto say that for sometime Shinya Hashimoto had been the Unified NWA United National Champion and tonight he was going to put him against on of the best, former NWA Triple Crown, Johnny “The Tank” Woods. He said the winner of this bout at the next show would face the NWA All Asian Heavyweight Champion for a unification of the Triple Crown once again!!!! But also it will not be a cake walk for Naoya Ogawa as tonight he will defend his title against Kensuke Sasaki!!! The crowd cheered. Also on the card would be Tiger Mask IV taking on Ultimo Dragon for the Junior Heavyweight Championship of the World. Of course don’t forget the NWA All Asian Tag Team Champions, Bob Sapp and Big Van Vader would also put the belts on the line against Apollo 55, Ryusuke Taguchi and Prince Devitt and MUCH MUCH MORE! Finally the lights dimmed, the crowd would quite, Hiroshi Hase left the ring and the matches would get under way.

1. The Motor City Machine Guns (Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin) defeated Bison Smith and Big Bernard by DQ after Big Bernard brought a chair into play.

2. KENTA defeated Hakushi after using “Go To Sleep”

3. NWA All Asian Tag Team Championship. Bob Sapp and Big Van Vader defeated Ryusuke Taguchi and Prince Devitt to retain the NWA All Asian Tag Team Championship.

4. Shuji Kondo defeated B X B Hulk after using the “King Lariot”

5. Kiyoshi defeated Kaz Hayashi after using a “Submission Armbar”

6. NWA All Asian Heavyweight Championship. Naoya Ogawa defeated Kensuke Sasaki after using the “STO”. The crowd cheered Ogawa, but Kensuke was mad and grabbed a chair and took it to Naoya Ogawa making the crowd boo him.

7. Shingo Takagi and Go Shiozaki defeated The Voo Doo Murders (Taru and Toshizo)

8. Unified NWA United National Heavyweight Championship. Shinya Hashimoto defeated Johnny “The Tank” Woods with the “Vertical Drop Brain Buster”. Following the match Shinya said he was the greatest wrestler in Japan and the entire World. He said he planned to prove it when he defeated Naoya Ogawa on the next show to become the Triple Crown! Johnny “The Tank” Woods however entered the ring and would launch an attack on Hashimoto. He grabbed the mic and told Hashimoto that he was a former NWA Triple Crown and that he never could compare. He told him and Ogawa that he was coming for his Triple Crown.

9. Karl Anderson and Tajiri defeated The Dudley Boys (Brother Ray and Brother Devon)

10. Nigel McGuinness defeated Sean Morley after using the “London Dungeon”

11. NWA World Junior Heavyweight Championship. Tiger Mask IV wrestled the Ultimo Dragon to a 30 minute time limit draw. Following the match Hiroshi Hase said the two would wrestle in a 60 minute time limit match at the next show.

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