AJPW 4-18-2010
Front Office

Live from Korakuen Hall in Bunkyo, Tokyo, Japan which holds 2,005 seats and is sold out. The Ring Announcer for the evening is Eiiji Namura, while Kishin Kawabata and Shinji Ogata give the commentary. Also for Ring Side Interviews will be Shinji Ogata. Until a Commissioner is announced Hiroshi Hase, Vice President of All Japan will be running the show tonight.

The crowd was more than ready for the show as Hiroshi Hase came out and announced the Main Event as NWA World Heavyweight Champion, Jeff Jarrett and Brent Albright to take on Go Shiozaki and Keiji Mutoh! The crowd was pumped and we got to the ring for the first match.

Dark Match

Shingo Takagi defeated B X B Hulk

1. KENTA defeated Kiyoshi

2. The Motor City Machine Guns defeated Mistico and Ryan Kent

3. Nigel McGuinness defeated Tajiri

4. Ultimo Dragon defeated The Great Sasuke

5. Kenta Kobashi defeated Kensuke Sasaki

6. NWA All Asian Tag Team Championship. Bob Sapp and Big Van Vader defeated The Dudley Boyz

7. NWA World Junior Heavyweight Championship. Chris Hero defeated Tiger Mask IV by DQ

8. Winner becomes NWA Triple Crown. Shinya Hashimoto defeated Naoya Ogawa to unify the Unifed NWA United National Heavyweight Championship with the NWA All Asian Heavyweight Championship to make the NWA Triple Crown. Following the match Johnny “The Tank” Woods attacked both participants and left them laying. The crowd booed him and he told Hashimoto he wanted his Triple Crown back.

9. Go Shiozaki and “The Great Muta” Keiji Mutoh defeated “The King of the Mountain” Jeff Jarrett and Brent Albright

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