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May 21 House Show
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SAVAGE ARENA! HOLDS UP TO  with about 5,300 of 10,000 people
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Chris Champion came out and made it known that Myers would not be back for the rest of the week and he would not be on Superstars.... At this point he said he will have no further info on Myers til then..... Champion said the World Tag Team Title match would be the Main Event and the Semi Main Event would be Jeff Cannon and Woods against Storm and Dawes...... He said for the first match though it was gonna be Japanese Express Vs. the Hard Brothers..
In 10 minutes the Japanese Express defeated the Hard Brothers....
Masato Tanaka d. Ryan Kent in 9 minutes
For the World Light Heavyweight Championship
The Great Sasuke defeats Rocky Reynolds and Blitzkreig in 39 minutes
The New Relics defeat the Hart Foundation in a 34 minute match
Viper d. Horace Hogan in 23 minutes
Bad Boy Chris Schwartz d. Scott Hall in 19 minutes
Tom Zenk d. Doink the Clown in 7 minutes
Larry Zbyszko d. the Hardcore champion "Psycho Killer" James Kittle in a Standard non - title match...
Semi Main Event
"The OG BOSS" Lake Storm and "The Original Big Daddy" Justin Dawes Vs. Johnny "The Tank" Woods and "Big Guns" Jeff Cannon

This match started with Storm not even showing up to the ring. So Dawes went toe to toe with Woods first and then Cannon.... He took down both men dominating the match..... finally Cannon would get a reversal and take over... Storm comes down to the ring... and gets up on the apron... Dawes reaches for a tag and Cannon lets him tag Storm in... Cannon drops and Dawes and grabs Storm... at this point woods gets in the rin and the two double team storm. Dawes gets up and rests and the ref tries to get order. they both set him up for Dawes and Dawes gets him with the big boot..... The crowd goes wild cheering for the three men.. At this point Dawes takes storm up top. Power bomb. DAWESONDOTE!!!!!... The ref can't do anything it's totally legal..... Woods goes to the outside and Cannon covers. one.... two..... three!!! Woods and Cannon win their first tag team match!!! Dawes goes in the ring and three grab a mic and say they've formed an alliance together as Team Powerhouse!!!!  They are here in the AWA to take over.. Cannon and Woods are after the Tag Titles... Dawes is after the World Title and the WCCW Southwest Title... Woods is also after the Midwest Title again and Cannon has decided to maybe try and go after the Hardcore Title even.... Time will tell but their here for the people.. The crowd was pleased to see Storm put in his place once in the south and again in the north......


SCOTT NORTON AND VADER went to a draw in 45 minutes... there will be a rematch tommorrow night in the main even for the tag titles. this time a 60 minute time limit....

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